Watercolour and cut-paper sketchbook page with clouds and watering can.

Keeping a sketchbook has always been an essential part of me being me. They are not neat and tidy things but full of useful doodlings and creations that serve as inspiration when I revisit them at a later date. Some of my most successful creations come from their tiny pages, usually because it's a less-precious and relaxed space to create artwork. Here's a few favourite pages.

Courgette plant sketch in fine-liner and cut-paper collage.
Sketchbook page; 'Design & daydream' hand-lettering; type. Intricate doodle in fine-liner pen, collage, repurposed papers.
Stylised butterflies and dragonflies cut-paper collage. Marbled papers, watercolour, fine-liner pen
Birch trees wood. Collaged sketch with cut-paper and line drawing.

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